Welcome to Your Healing Journeys

If you are looking to make positive and lasting changes in your life, we’re here to help you succeed. At Your Healing Journeys, Hagop Takvorian uses hypnotherapy, family systems constellations, somatic experiencing and shamanism to transform unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior into definitive and healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Through this combination of highly effective healing modalities, he can help you change your paradigms, release the past and create a brighter and better future. Here’s to a life filled with peace, love, happiness and joy!


Family Systems Constellations
Somatic Experiencing



  • “As a landscape Designer and Builder, I love working outdoors with Nature. I understand and work the natural life forces that contribute to a healthy and wholesome environment. Hagop’s unique healing methods are spiritual, holistic and have been highly effective in my personal journey of healing and enlightenment. I recommend working with him if your goal is to live a healthy, happy life that's filled with purpose." –Greg Davis & Associates

  • Hagop saw courage and strength within me, even when I didn't yet see it in myself. The work we've done together has changed my life for the better in SO MANY WAYS! With the help of Hagop's Shamanic Healing I was pulled out of a deep depression.  I no longer wake up every day feeling empty and dreading the oncoming day.  I now find pleasure in the activities that I had once loved but had lost interest in.  I am now able to stay at a healthy weight and enjoy daily exercise when I didn't before.  My digestive problems, headaches and fibromyalgia have decreased.  I have more energy, increased concentration and better memory. I now have the ability to make my own decisions and feel good about them.  Everyone has noticed that I am stronger and more confident than ever before! Thank you Hagop! –Bethany Aukerman, Petopia - LA

  • I’m a writer/producer who had a severe case of stage fright. It was impacting my pitches and sales presentations. After a few sessions with Hagop, I became quite comfortable speaking in public, and now I can say I enjoy it! He’s brilliant at removing the energetic blocks that stand between you and the success you desire.” –Lindey Lambert, Writer/Producer Amuse Media

  • Hagop has a process that addresses the part of us that CAUSES the problem instead of the problem itself. He deals in the scope of "healing." He takes you to deep places in a calm and powerful way. He made me realize that working through the things that hold me back can be an enjoyable experience. –Dan Gordon, Creative Director, The Big Time Group