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“As a landscape Designer and Builder, I love working outdoors with Nature.  I understand and work the natural life forces that contribute to a healthy and wholesome environment.  Hagop’s unique healing methods are spiritual, holistic and have been highly effective in my personal journey of healing and enlightenment.  I recommend working with him if your goal is to live a healthy, happy life that’s filled with purpose.”

– Greg Davis & Associates

Hagop saw courage and strength within me, even when I didn’t yet see it in myself. The work we’ve done together has changed my life for the better in SO MANY WAYS! With the help of Hagop’s Shamanic Healing, I was pulled out of a deep depression. I no longer wake up every day feeling empty and dreading the oncoming day. I now find pleasure in the activities that I had once loved but had lost interest in. I am not able to stay at a healthy weight and enjoy daily exercise when I didn’t before. My digestive problems, headaches and fibromyalgia have decreased. I have more energy, increased concentration and better memory. I now have the ability to make my own decisions and feel good about them. Everyone has noticed that I am stronger and more confident than ever before! Thank you Hagop!

– Bethany Aukerman, Petopia – LA

I’m a writer/producer who had a severe case of stage fright. It was impacting my pitches and sales presentations. After a few sessions with Hagop, I became quite comfortable speaking in public, and now I can say I enjoy it! He’s brilliant at removing the energetic blocks that stand between you and the success you desire.”

– Lindey Lambert, Writer/Producer Amuse Media

Hagop has a process that addresses the part of us that CAUSES the problem instead of the problem itself. He deals in the scope of “healing.” He takes you to deep places in a calm and powerful way. He made me realize that working through the things that hold me back can be an enjoyable experience.

– Dan Gordon, Creative Director, The Big Time Group

“A few months ago I went to Hagop’s Healing Circle with a question about a major change in my life. I had some ideas about it but was unsure about moving forward. By the end of the evening I left with not just the clarity I was looking for, but the confidence about how this change would be a positive one for me by saying yes to it. If you’re looking for a way to gain insight, his Healing Circle is a great place to go.”

– A. Levenson, Los Angeles

“Hagop, I just wanted to thank you formally for helping me with my anxiety. I can happily say that I have conquered it with your help. Thanks for understanding and having patience with me throughout the entire process.”

– Marina, Student, Los Angeles

“I love Hagop and I love the healing work we’ve done. Over the past 7 months, we’ve worked to clear some major blocks. I feel very comfortable with him and he helps me to access information that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Because I am completely open to doing the work and bringing my fullest self to the table, I’ve cleared a lot of energy that was holding me back, and my career is finally starting to begin again! I feel more confident and radiant than ever!”

– Jana Booker, Artist/ Sculptor