Lighthouse Healing Circle

    Rediscovery. Illumination. Transformation. The Lighthouse Healing Circle is comprised of a select group of Hagop’s students who are committed to continuously evolving and growing, both personally and professionally.

     Hagop’s goal is to create a community of awakening, conscious and supportive individuals thriving through the true expression of the authentic self. If you feel lost or like there’s something holding you back, and you want nothing more than to let the real you shine, than becoming a member of this circle may be for you.

     In the circle, Hagop creates space to explore and discover (or rediscover) your true purpose.  Family Systems Constellation work can quickly reveal answers, unveiling the real you, which has been buried deep by years of conforming to society’s expectations.

     Hagop teaches that as a lighthouse shines and draws ships safely from sea, when you allow the real you to come forth, you too can shine and draw all that you need to lead a life of peace, love and joy.

Shift from a constant state of:

  • Chaos
  • Fear
  • Unhappiness
YHJ Hagop Purple Arrow
To thriving in perpetual:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Joy


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  • "A few months ago I went to Hagop's Healing Circle with a question about a major change in my life. I had some ideas about it but was unsure about moving forward. By the end of the evening I left with not just the clarity I was looking for, but the confidence about how this change would be a positive one for me by saying yes to it. If you're looking for a way to gain insight, his Healing Circle is a great place to go." –A. Levenson, Los Angeles