There are many definitions of a shaman. Webster’s dictionary defines a shaman as ‘someone who is believed to have magic powers and who uses those powers to cure people who are sick, to control future events and to divine that which is hidden. In truth, shamanism is the most ancient form of healing practiced worldwide. In olden times the shaman was known as ‘medicine man’ or a tribal priest, and was held by the tribe with the utmost esteem.

Shamans were known to go into trance-like states to retrieve information from the spirits or the other side. In modern society, most of shamanic knowledge had been lost due to religious oppression and apathy. In 1979, a pioneering anthropologist named Michael Harner, PhD, began to bring shamanism back into the public consciousness. He opened the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and developed what is today called ‘core shamanism,’ which is a system designed for Westerners to reintroduce shamanism into their daily lives.

As defined and taught by FSS, core shamanism is based on the nearly universal practices of shamans of old. Core Shamans alter their consciousness through non-drug methods, especially drumming, and journey to other worlds for answers. Today’s shaman taps into his or her own spiritual resources to transform their lives and learn how to help others. Hagop is a shaman certified and trained by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. As part of his certification, he went on his own healing journeys, where at one point a saint from the Armenian Church named gregorySt. Gregory the Illuminator or St. Gregory the Enlightener revealed himself to Hagop as a spirit guide.

Following the tradition of St. Gregory the Illuminator, Hagop has devoted his life to helping, healing and enlightening others. He has incorporated shamanism into other energetic healing modalities. He works with spirit to provide his clients with the following services: Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval and Spirit Release or Depossession. Shamanism can be a powerful and effective way to clear energy and unblock hidden forces that are holding you back.

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  • Hagop saw courage and strength within me, even when I didn’t yet see it in myself. The work we’ve done together has changed my life for the better in SO MANY WAYS! With the help of Hagop’s Shamanic Healing, I was pulled out of a deep depression. I no longer wake up every day feeling empty and dreading the oncoming day. I now find pleasure in the activities that I had once loved but had lost interest in. I am not able to stay at a healthy weight and enjoy daily exercise when I didn’t before. My digestive problems, headaches and fibromyalgia have decreased. I have more energy, increased concentration and better memory. I now have the ability to make my own decisions and feel good about them. Everyone has noticed that I am stronger and more confident than ever before! Thank you Hagop! –BETHANY AUKERMAN, PETOPIA – LA