Power ANimal Shaman LrgPurple One of the first things a shaman can do when working with a client is journey to retrieve his or her power animal. A  ‘Power Animal’ is a guardian spirit, much like a guardian angel, that assumes the form of an animal.

Once the power animal is known to the client, he or she can learn more about the characteristics of that animal, bonding with it in everyday life. Power animals are usually kept secret to everyone but the client and the shaman.

The power animal can help protect, share wisdom, encourage good health and prevent negative energies from entering a person’s energy fields. For example, if a client’s power animal is a horse, he or she can research about that horse and gain strength from all the power, passion and personal drive that a horse has to offer.  Or if the animal is a wolf, the person can learn from the wolf’s instinct, intelligence and appetite for freedom.

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