What is Spirit ReleaseWhen trauma occurs and a person’s psyche is fractured and a piece of them is missing, that person can become susceptible to foreign energies or suffering beings that attach and feed on the energy of the host.

These beings can cause the person to take on characteristics that are not their own. They may be driven to overeating, or drinking too much alcohol, or consumed by powerful negative emotions such as anger, sadness or depression, or even take on injuries or illnesses of the foreign entity.

These entities are damaged and weaken the person by ‘overshadowing’ their natural healthy personalities. This kind of possession is not the kind you see in ‘The Exorcist,’ where a demon takes over and wreaks havoc on all around them, in fact, it is a law of nature that no entity will attach without the host’s permission. Working with a shaman, you may discover that there is an entity of some kind attached to you.  A shaman can help you understand the journey and lead you to safely and gently heal, release and eventually de-possess or let go of the spirit.

Hagop has had extensive training with Betsy Bergstrom, the foremost expert in the field of de-possession. If you are interested in learning more about de-possesion and working with Hagop, email him at Hagop@YourHealingJourneys.com