Homepage-SE-PurpleIn simple terms Somatic Experiencing allows a traumatized person to process a traumatic event in a safe environment, and to renegotiate and discharge the pent up energy by tracking the sensations felt in the body.

According to Hagop, when a traumatic event happens, a person goes into fight or flight mode. Most of the time, that person is told to ‘suck it up’ and move on from a negative experience as quickly as possible.  In doing so, the body is not allowed to complete the fight or flight cycle, and the negative affects of the trauma store in the nervous system.

SE returns the nervous system to physical normal by releasing the energy that is accumulated from an incomplete cycle. Its results are effective and long-lasting as the traumatic situation that once held charge has been neutralized.

For more information on how SE can be of benefit to you, please contact Hagop@YourHealingJourneys.com.


  • Hagop, I just wanted to thank you formally for helping me with my anxiety. I can happily say that I have conquered it with your help.Thanks for understanding and having patience with me throughout the entire process. –Marina, Student, Los Angeles